Desktop vacuum former F55CUBE.

The basic concept of mini vacuum forming machine

A certain segment of tasks in vacuum molding can be implemented without the use of industrial equipment. It is for this reason that we thought about the development of a desktop vacuum molding machine, but at the same time we retained a professional approach to the production and the molding technology itself. The new series of the moulder F55CUBE is designed for customers who may not have production space, and their technical tasks in the field of molding are periodic and relatively simple. The main requirements that we put forward to the mini vacuum molding machine:


simple connection;

the ability to comply with the technology of molding;

semi-automatic operation;

maximum functionality for these dimensions;

ease of operation and maintenance.

Technical characteristics of desktop vacuum forming machine F55CUBE

To accomplish this task, a lot of time was spent by specialists; they had to work seriously. But the result was worth it.

We installed high-performance quartz heaters, the table has an electromechanical drive, which ensures smooth running and the ability to compactly place controls. Developed a convenient and intuitive graphical interface. We thought about the movement of heating in the automatic mode and easy fastening of the forms. They brought it all into a single system, added basic options and seriously worked on the compactness of the equipment. The result was a high-quality vacuum molder, which requires the use of a conventional electrical network in the office. At the same time, the technical characteristics of the machine make it possible to mold quite professional products from various sheet plastics. A basic set of options even allows you to connect the blown dome and automatic ventilation of the mold, which is important for adhering to the molding technology. The machine is suitable for both individuals and organizations that need to close tasks in the field of vacuum molding without the need to purchase an industrial grade machine.

Power supply - 220V

Power - up to 5 kW

The size of the molding field - 500 * 500 mm.

Forming depth - up to 280 mm.

Plastic thickness - up to 3-5 mm. depending on the type of material.

This is a unique machine for the CIS market and a direct competitor FORMECH 508FS, but with a large field of formation with a large optional and lower price. If you want to purchase a tabletop vacuum forming machine F55CUBE, send us an inquiry.

If you need professional advice in the selection of vacuum forming equipment, send us a request