How to buy a vacuum forming machine. Technical nuances when choosing equipment.

The right choice is the basis for solving a technical problem.

It is very important to approach the choice of a vacuum molding machine, as this type of equipment is basic in many technological processes. From the right approach, sometimes, the very possibility of solving the technological problem of the client depends. Often, most of the additional options for the vacuum molding machine can not be set after production, so it is important not to err with the initial choice.

Categories of products produced by vacuum molding.

Conventionally, the entire vacuum molding market can be divided into 3 categories:

Products of easy complexity;

Products of average complexity;

Products of increased complexity.


The first category includes products that do not have high aesthetic and parametric requirements, their geometry is simple, and the molding technology does not require an extended set of options. For example, some packaging, most of the products of promotional products, products with low exhaust and simple plastics - ABS, polystyrene.


The second category includes products that require a certain set of options or products with deep drawing of 300 mm and more for the correct technological process.


The third category includes molded products that require an expanded set of options and at the same time have a complex geometry, deep drawing or capricious material. For example, products made of polycarbonate, aviation glass, some types of acrylic, products using a sheet made by coextrusion, products of high aesthetic requirements, such as a shower tray or bath, etc.

Vacuum molding equipment market.

The market for vacuum forming equipment is naturally divided according to the complexity of the products produced. On machines without the presence of advanced functionality and the necessary options, it is impossible to obtain a qualitative result for products of the second and third categories. At the same time, if the client has no need to solve complex technical problems, then a vacuum forming machine made for the first category of products will do for him. These machines differ in design and availability of certain options.


Usually, in machines for simple products, there is a minimal set of options, equipment is more often manual, and the result of molding is 80% dependent on the competence of the molder who "seizes the moment" for an acceptable result.


Industrial equipment is distinguished, above all, by the presence of research and mathematical calculations in relation to the various nodes of the machine. For example, the thermal pattern of heating is investigated, all efforts for plastic clamping, closure of the form and strength characteristics of the mechanisms are mathematically calculated.


Strict compliance with the technology of molding, puts forward a number of requirements for the design and optional equipment. To form most of the products of the second and third categories, it is necessary to be able to measure the temperature of the sheet during heating and cooling, flexible power setting of each individual heater, setting the speed of movement of the mechanisms and controlling the speed of evacuation, the presence of a punch. One of the main tasks is to minimize the human factor in production in order to achieve a high degree of repeatability.


One of the big drawbacks of machine tools produced in the CIS for the first category of products is the low quality of the engineering component, poor build quality and lack of understanding of the nuances of the molding technology by equipment manufacturers.

Vacuum Forming Machines from FLEXPLAST.

Our company can offer vacuum molding equipment for any technical tasks. We have both budgetary rulers for the first category of products, and industrial machines with maximum automation of molding. At the same time, you can be sure that any model will fulfill its obligations 24 hours a day and with the quality that the client needs. Having high manufacturability, the cost of our equipment is 2-3 times lower than that of European manufacturers.

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a vacuum molding machine, send us a request, and we will professionally advise on the selection of equipment specifically for your technical tasks.

If you need professional advice in the selection of vacuum forming equipment, send us a request