Vacuum Forming Machines

We offer a large selection of vacuum forming machines for all market segments and any tasks. We can choose the best option, whether it is an industrial plant or a desktop vacuum forming machine


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a suitable series of vacuum molding equipment specifically for their purposes. We try to close any customer need for vacuum forming.


Desktop Vacuum Forming Machine FCUBE

Desktop vacuum forming machine FCUBE. Easy installation and connection along with a wide range of options make this machine very attractive for start-ups, small companies or workshops.

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M - series

Vacuum Forming Machine M - Series

Budget vacuum forming machine is designed to solve problems of initial and medium complexity. The equipment has a semi-automatic mode of operation and a number of basic options. Reliable components and high speed at a low price.

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S - series

Vacuum Forming Machine S - Series

Optimum equipment series. The machine is designed to solve most problems in the field of vacuum forming sheet plastic. Reliable components and high speed work provide a comfortable and high-quality molding.

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P - series

Vacuum Forming Machine P - Series

The machine is designed to solve the most difficult tasks in the field of vacuum forming. The equipment has the maximum degree of automation and a large list of options. The main feature of the machine is high performance.

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If you need professional advice in the selection of vacuum forming equipment, send us a request