P - series
This is a vacuum forming machine with maximum capabilities. The machine has full automation of all elements and automatic loading of the sheet.
Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

Main features of the machine

The basic equipment of the machine includes 20 options. Additionally, you can connect another 22 options, depending on the technical task of the client.

A great choice for large companies.

The machine is designed for large enterprises with a large number of products and frequent changeover of the machine. At the expense of additional options, the vacuum forming machine can be quickly adjusted to another product, and automation minimizes the human factor.

It will suit you if:

The machine has an extended set of options and maximum functionality. All elements are driven by servo drives. Full automation of work is available, including: sheet loading, product removal, automatic change of the format of the pressure frame and the molding window.

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Main technical

Power supply
Control Panel
Semi-automatic mode
Molding recipes
Molding field (max) mm.
Molding depth
Mechanics and table drive
Mechanics and heating drive
Drive clamping frame
Vacuum pump m3 / h
power, kWt
Plastic thickness, mm.
Weight, kg
yes, 12 inch
yes, optional automatic
quartz infrared heaters
from 1500 * 1000 to 3000 * 2000
from 400 to 2000
SIEMENS servo drive
SIEMENS servo drive
SIEMENS servo drive
from 100 to 250
from 40 to 340
up to 16
from 2000 to 15000
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Really strong arguments in our favor.


We produce equipment according to European standards, ensuring maximum quality and safety for the operator. All machines are CE certified.


The equipment has an industrial design and a list of options that have no analogues among manufacturers in Eastern Europe. The cost of our equipment is 2-3 times lower.


Quality components from famous manufacturers: SIEMENS, FESTO, SCHNEIDER, DELTA, EVP. Our employees annually receive training on the integration of systems into vacuum forming machines.


Testing the technology of vacuum forming plastic, supplying the machine "turnkey" with the finished product.


Our clients include both private and government organizations. For example, such as the theater. Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko or educational institutions of the Russian Federation.


Full guarantee for 12 months for all knots and mechanisms of the machine. Fast service in all countries of Europe and the CIS.

Our clients