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- the best choice for large enterprises

- the highest quality of final products

- full automation and quick changeover are possible


From 2000 * 1000 mm. Up to 6000 * 3000 mm.

Up to 2000 mm. Molding depth

Up to 20 mm. Plate thickness


- ABS, ABS / PMMA, PET, polystyrene, acrylic, polycarbonate, etc ...

9 out of 10 companies that have visited our production are choosing FLEXPLAST machines.


Main settings

Operator panel




Vacuum system



Quartz infrared heaters

Table drive

Servo motors SIEMENS

Drive of a clamping frame

Servo motors SIEMENS | Pneumatics CAMOZZI

Heating drive

Servo motors SIEMENS | Pneumatics CAMOZZI

Platen drive

Servo motors SIEMENS | Pneumatics CAMOZZI

Available options

Two-sided, independent heating

Water cooling with synchronized air supply

Power adjustment of each heater from 0% to 100%

Steel table with cross holes for fixing molds

Temperature adjustment of heating zones

Receiver with pump switching algorithm

Adjustment of the intensity of the vacuum

Light curtain

Fine tuning of all processes from the operator panel, saving mold templates

Ventilation of mold

Stationary pyrometer for controlling the temperature of the plastic when heated

Rigid fixation system for plastic (toothed frame, plastic grip 20 mm.)

Stationary pyrometer for controlling the temperature of the plastic upon cooling

System for changing the format of the press frame, telescopic sample with adjustment from the operator panel

Adjustment of the speed of movement of the table. Set point 0.

Preliminary dome inflation by time / height (ultrasonic sensor)

Upper punch

Material support for sagging

Mold temperature control system

Roll holder

System of uniform fixation of the sheet over the entire surface

Blowing intensity control

Cabinet fence

Adjustment of the starting point of the molding table

Autoload sheet and take out the finished product

Forming reduction window with format change from operator panel

The main feature, vacuum forming machine P-series, is the possibility of full forming automation, quality components of systems and motorized table drive, frame or punch.


Today, our machines stand in a single row in terms of functionality and reliability with European manufacturers.

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