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- choosing a large business

- SIEMENS S7-1500 controller

- full automation

- analog GEISS ag, CMS


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- simple construction

- low cost

- a small degree of automation

- for simple tasks





- choice of most companies

- high quality of equipment

- semi-automatic system

- similar GEISS ag, CMS


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Advantages of working with FLEXPLAST

1. Consultation.


Professional advice when choosing the right equipment for your specific needs. We will give exhaustive information on the choice of the machine for thermo-vacuum molding.

2. Competitive price.


The cost of our equipment fully justifies the quality of products, ease of use and the time of uninterrupted operation of the vacuum molding machine.

3. Loyal payment terms.


We are always ready to negotiate. Terms of payment can be varied depending on the needs of the client. We try to hear and understand the difficulties of our partners.

4. A wide range of options.


From a large variation in the size of the table, to the selection of components that are suitable for your budget and will allow you to carry out the assigned tasks. We are leaders in the mastered technologies in Eastern Europe!

5. High quality and accuracy.


We pay attention to everything. Everything matters to us. From the quality of the connecting elements to the painting, from the quality of welding to the characteristics of the metal, everything will be taken into account and checked.

6. Delivery anywhere in the world.


In the process of buying a machine, we can arrange delivery to anywhere in the world. The prices of our shipping partners are among the lowest in the market.

7. Commissioning / warranty.


After signing the contract and shipping the equipment you will not be left alone. We can always come and customize the work of vacuum molding machines in your production. The warranty for all machine mechanisms is 1 year.

8. Your effectiveness.


Our machines give a high return on investment. The market of vacuum molding is constantly growing. The productivity of machines and the quality of the final products allow our customers to be the first

General information about vacuum forming.

To order a vacuum molding machine you need

The molding equipment is used for the production of volumetric products, of various sizes, from sheet and roll plastic, by reproducing the shape contours.


Vacuum molding of plastic provides excellent quality of manufactured products with low costs for commissioning and production start-up. To obtain the finished product requires a small amount of labor and a small number of steps. Today, vacuum molding is very popular and has a high demand in various industries.


When using equipment for thermoforming plastic, sheets up to 20 mm thick can be formed. Material used: thermoplastic polymers (polycarbonate, polystyrene, ABS plastic, etc.)



For ordering machine tools for molding, you need to contact the company's specialists by phone numbers listed on the site or write a request.


For the first consultation, our specialists need to know:

The dimensions of the vacuum molding machine table or the dimensions of the molded part;

Which material will be used;

The maximum thickness of the material;

Depth of molding (maximum height of the part).


After that, you will be sent a proposal for the price of a vacuum molding machine and information on possible equipment.


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